Mik enrols at the Victorian Electoral Commission

On 22 September 2017, Mik officially enrolled for the council election, lodging his 200-word candidate statement, questionnaires and $250.

Nomination Day is on Tuesday 26 September, where a ballot draw will decide the order in which candidates will be listed in the ballot packs.

Candidate Statement (maximum 200 words)
“Mik is a bridge-builder. He works towards creating honest, responsible and united leadership for our future. Vote 1 for Mik to shift the focus to long-term stability for Geelong, where investment in exciting, innovative projects is encouraged, and new local jobs are created. Our
region is in an exciting period of transformation and expansion.

Mik understands that long-term stability requires careful town planning, investment in safer roads, protection of open space and natural habitats, and better recycling and waste management systems. It also requires cultivating a community that is thriving with a vibrant cultural life.

With this election, we have an opportunity to form a Council that represents our diverse community, and which works together to achieve the 30-year vision for our future, contributed to by 16,000 Geelong residents. The vision is that by 2050, our city will be a carbon neutral, healthy and safe community for all. Crime statistics will be at least 20 per cent below the state average. As an independent candidate, Mik works to bridge the gap between left and right, so we can focus on turning this great vision into reality. A vote for Mik is a vote for progress done properly.”

Why would you like to be elected as a Councillor for the above Council? (maximum 50 words)
I give voice to what a lot of people feel. They have lost confidence in politicians who spend most of the time mocking each other while they fail to create safety and optimism for the community and for our environment. We don’t just need progress. We need progress done properly.

What is your vision for the municipality of the above Council? (maximum 50 words)
To provide investments, new jobs and real progress in Geelong, Council needs to cultivate stability. Visions are in place for how we can improve our quality of life while living as sustainably as possible. To implement them we need to collaborate in a genuine open-minded spirit of consensus-seeking and optimism.

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