United leadership around a singular vision for our city

The 36-page vision paper ‘Greater Geelong: A Clever and Create Future’ was launched on 30 August 2017.

A ‘Clever and Creative City-Region’ is a place where forward-thinking, pushing the boundaries and stepping out of the ordinary is linked to the needs of industry and jobs, and where the environment is at the forefront, particularly innovative approaches to reducing carbon emissions and adopting renewable energy.

» Read more about ‘Greater Geelong: A Clever and Create Future’ on www.geelongaustralia.com.au/clevercreative

» Listen to a podcast with Dr Kathy Alexander talking about the vision on www.climatesafety.info/thesustainablehour179

» Listen to speeches held at the launch event in August on www.climatesafety.info/clevercreativelaunch

» Read Mik Aidt’s report from the community assembly in May on www.climatesafety.info/ourfuturegeelong2017

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Aspirations of Geelong’s citizens and businesses

“The Geelong Chamber of Commerce encourages all candidates in the upcoming council election to embrace the city’s 30-year vision and ensure this important community- endorsed plan is actioned and serves to underpin the city’s future strategic direction.

As our city rapidly progresses into a new economy driven by innovation, technology, professional services, entrepreneurialism and the visitor experience, the community of Geelong deserves nothing less than a council that reflects the values and aspirations of its citizens and businesses as we continue to build upon Geelong’s important role as the capital of our region and a magnet for future population and jobs growth.”
~ Kylie Warne, president of Geelong Chamber of Commerce

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Foundations for a clever and creative city-region

“Short-term priority: united leadership and a global outlook”
~ Excerpt from page 8 in the Clever Creative vision paper

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Listen to speeches at launch event

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