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» Geelong Advertiser – online 3 October | on paper 14 October 2017:
Geelong council election 2017: Your guide to the Brownbill Ward

“Mik Aidt is the founder and co-host of The Sustainable Hour on Pulse FM. Passionate about addressing climate change and renewable energy, he is a committee member of organisations such as Geelong Sustainability and Frack Free Geelong.

“Vote 1 for Mik to shift the focus to long-term stability for Geelong, where investment in exciting, innovative projects is encouraged, and new local jobs are created. Our region is in an exciting period of transformation and expansion. Mik understands that long-term stability requires careful town planning, investment in safer roads, protection of open space and natural habitats, and better recycling and waste management systems. It also requires cultivating a community that is thriving with a vibrant cultural life.”

» Geelong Advertiser’s coverage of the election

Radio: The Pulse’s Brownbill Candidates Forum

12 of the candidates standing for election in Brownbill spoke in the foyer of 94.7 The Pulse on 10 October 2017 at 11am. Listen to the 1 hour 20 min program where each candidate gives a two-minute introduction and answers questions:

» Mitchell’s Front Page

» Listen to the radio program

The 12 candidates were each given two minutes to introduce themselves, and at the end of the program, two minutes to make a conclusion.

» Excerpts: Listen to Mik’s two-minute intro and two-minute conclusion:

‘Vote 1 For Our Future’ ticket

“Four Geelong election candidates have formed a coalition that is committed to pursuing the council’s long-term Clever and Creative City strategy.

The independents have vowed to work together if elected to deliver the publicly endorsed 30-year vision for the city.

The candidates — Mik Aidt (Brownbill), Petra Goerschel (Bellarine), Peter Mitchell (Brownbill) and Doug Mann (Kardinia) — are standing on a ‘Vote 1 For Our Future’ ticket.”

» Geelong Advertiser – 28 September 2017:
Geelong council election 2017: New alliance pursues Clever and Creative City

Mik announces his nomination

» 94.7 The Pulse – 21 August 2017:
Live on air interview in Mitchell’s Front Page

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