As of 22 September 2017, Mik is now part of a campaign group of council candidates committed to work together, if elected, to achieve the city’s 30-year vision for our future, which 16,000 Geelong residents have contributed to.

Think bigger

Something new and potentially quite exciting is happening in this Geelong Council election. A group of council candidates would like to offer the Geelong community the opportunity to be able to vote for something that is bigger and more important than what an individual candidate or a single party would ever be able to achieve each on their own.

“Local politics can’t be about individual aspirations – we need to think bigger, and we have to collaborate to create the sort of change which is necessary now,” said Doug Mann and Mik Aidt in a joint statement.

“The special circumstances around this Council election open a unique, once-in-lifetime window for making a fresh start with a change of culture.”

Mr Aidt said:

“We give voice to what a lot of people feel. They have lost confidence in politicians who spend most of the time mocking each other while they fail to create safety and optimism for the community and for our environment. We don’t just need ‘progress’. We need progress done properly.”

Media coverage

“Four Geelong election candidates have formed a coalition that is committed to pursuing the council’s long-term Clever and Creative City strategy.

The independents have vowed to work together if elected to deliver the publicly endorsed 30-year vision for the city.

The candidates — Mik Aidt (Brownbill), Petra Goerschel (Bellarine), Peter Mitchell (Brownbill) and Doug Mann (Kardinia) — are standing on a ‘Vote 1 For Our Future’ ticket.”

» Geelong Advertiser – 28 September 2017:
Geelong council election 2017: New alliance pursues Clever and Creative City

11 candidates label Clever-Creative vision their top priority

Geelong Indy had asked the 53 candidates standing for Council to rank 10 topics such as ‘Council services’, ‘governance’ and ‘crime’ in an order of priority.

11 of the 37 candidates who replied to the survey put the Clever-Creative vision as their top priority, making it the second-highest priority among the candidates – with ‘governance’ labelled by 12 candidates as their first priority.

The previous Council had been sacked with reference to “poor governance”, so it is no surprise that the candidates consider this topic very important. That 11 candidates put the Clever-Creative vision as their top priority shows great potential – and also means that the ‘Vote1ForOurFuture’ alliance has potential to grow from the current four to 11 members.

“We invite the seven other candidates who voted 1 for the vision to come forward and become part of this alliance,” said Mik Aidt.

One Planet Living

The campaign group – so far named ‘Vote 1 for our future’ – also wants to see Geelong Council continue its good work with implementing the One Planet Living framework.

The ‘Clever Creative’ vision is that by 2050, our city will be a carbon neutral, healthy and safe community for all. Crime statistics will be at least 20 per cent below the state average.

Make your vote count. #Vote1ForOurFuture

Take part in this!

If you have time, we could definitely use a Facebook hand with sharing, liking, commenting, creating some life and relevance, etc

Would you like to give a hand and see where we can take this together?

Will you be coming to Mik’s campaign launch event on Sunday 24 Sept? Its at 1pm at Pianobar in Lt Malop St.

Fabulous if you’d invite some friends and come along!

Keith Fagg: “Council candidates should unite under ticket”

“Those citizens we elect in October must possess the time, energy and capacity to drive the imperatives in the Our Future plan as they address the issues facing our complex community. In doing so, they need to know how to effectively collaborate with their peers.

In that context, it would seem inevitable — and eminently sensible — that ‘tickets’ emerge in the coming election. Like-minded candidates with shared values and a clear vision for Geelong, possibly with complementary life experiences and skills, may choose to stand on a ticket which articulates their common intended direction for our city.

Tickets could be run both within and across Geelong’s four multi-councillor wards.

Such collaborations between local government candidates are common in other Australian states. In City of Melbourne elections, tickets have become the norm.

Clearly, there is a risk of political parties becoming involved — totally inappropriate in local government in my view — but the chance to elect a team of people who are committed to a common vision and have capacity to work together effectively may well create an excellent governance outcome for Greater Geelong.”
~ Keith Fagg, former Geelong mayor – in Geelong Advertiser

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