“Ethical leadership will be essential”

“Strong, ethical leadership will be essential to drive the major governance and organisational reforms that are needed. It is clear that the Mayor and the Council have proved incapable of providing that quality of leadership.”
~ Quote from page 40 in the report which lead to the sacking of the former Geelong City Council in 2016.

‘Commission of Inquiry into Greater Geelong City Council – An independent Commission of Inquiry established by the Minister for Local Government’ – March 2016: Open / download PDF document

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In April 2016, three administrators were appointed to replace Geelong’s Council after the Commission of Inquiry found that the Council was

“substantially dysfunctional, that governance and performance is well below standard and that there has been, overall, a failure to provide good government to the City.”

The commission reports’ call for strong, ethical leadership is an inspirational opening and invitation for responsible civil leaders in the community to step in. It is a call for those who have collaborative skills and are ready to cooperate and engage with fellow councillors, colleagues and staff, businesses and residents about the task of leading the Greater Geelong community through the challenges which lie ahead.

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