#Vote1ForOurFuture: Launch event
On 24 September, Doug Mann and Mik Aidt were joined by Peter Mitchell and Petra Goershel as they launched #Vote1ForOurFuture – an initiative which unites an expanding group of council candidates around a commitment to the Clever and Creative Future vision for Geelong, and to the One Planet Living framework.

Youth and the arts
In this video, Doug Mann, Mik Aidt and Andy Pobjoy talk about why Geelong needs a Council that will commit to the #CleverCreativeGeelong vision, how the sharing of a united vision can impact on our region’s future prosperity and the significance this has for the youth, the local arts and culture scene, and for the creation of new jobs in our region.

The videos were recorded by Alex Aidt, 12, and Matt Aidt, 10, at Piano Bar in Geelong on 24 September 2017.

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Vote 1 for our future

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