Mik Aidt is a candidate for Brownbill Ward at the Greater Geelong City Council elections in October 2017. In order to be elected, he will need more than 13,600 votes.

Geelong’s new Council will be elected by postal vote. Ballot packs will be mailed out in the days around 10 October 2017. You can only vote for Mik if you live within the boundaries of the Brownbill Ward:

Brownbill Ward

Why is it called Brownbill Ward? The ward is named after Fanny Brownbill who was a tireless community worker for Geelong and who from 1938 to 1946 was the first female member of Legislative Assembly.

Voting closes on 27 October 2017. 190,000 residents are enrolled to vote. Around 55,000 of them live in Brownbill Ward.

11 new councillors will be elected. Three in Brownbill Ward.

Interviews with candidates

Mitchell’s Front Page on 94.7 The Pulse has many interviews with the candidates.

Mitchell has listed the following candidates who so far have announced they will be running for Council in Brownbill Ward – six women and eight men, of which two of the men were in the previous Council and the rest are new faces:

Ellen Csar
Freya Fidge
Melissa Cadwell
Sarah Hathway, Socialist Alliance
Sarah Mansfield, Greens
Sue Bull, Socialist Alliance

• Charles Neal
Eddie Kontelj, former councillor
George Ballas
• Michael King
Mik Aidt, independent
• Peter Mitchell, independent
Peter Murrihy, former councillor
Terry Gillard

More information

For information about the rules and procedures, see

To see the list who have so far registered their nominations, see

Find more details and updates about candidates on

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Election calendar

Tuesday 26 September
Candidate nominations close – and we will know more precisely who runs for Council

10 October
Brownbill candidates forum on and at 94.7 The Pulse

10-12 October
Ballot packs are mailed out in the days around 10-12 October 2017

27 October
Postal voting closes

28 October
Election Day

8-10 November
Election results are announced

14 November
Swearing in of the new councillors, Oath of Office, signing up to Councillor’s Code of Conduct

Media coverage

» Geelong Advertiser – 1 September 2017:
Geelong council elections 2017: Afghanistan refugee Moshtagh Heidari the youngest candidate
“An Afghanistan refugee who has settled in Geelong’s north has become the youngest declared council candidate.” Article by Shane Fowles

» Geelong Advertiser – 26 August 2017:
Western Beach a focus as election candidates descend on the central Geelong ward
“The central Geelong ward shapes as a hot contest, with a dozen candidates already declaring their interest in October’s council election.” Article by Shane Fowles

» Geelong Advertiser – 20 June 2017:
Geelong council election 2017: George Ballas declares as a candidate
“The first debutant candidate for the forthcoming Geelong council election has a wealth of local experience to draw on.” Article by Shane Fowles

» More info on www.geelongaustralia.com.au/council